Established by a gift of A. Finkl and Sons Co. and contributions from the forging industry in memory of Chuck Finkl, the Charles W. Finkl Scholarship program is a tribute to two of Chuck's passions - education and the forging industry.

photo of Charles W. Finkl

Charles W. (Chuck) Finkl
1920 - 2002

To many, Charles W. Finkl was synonymous with A. Finkl & Sons Co. As the fourth member of the family to head the company, Chuck served as President and Chairman in his 57 years with the company. Chuck's great-grandfather, Anton Finkl created a hammer/chisel that was forged in a small blacksmith shop in 1879 used to recycle bricks left from the Great Chicago Fire.

Among his many accomplishments:

  • Inventor of ladle metallurgy
  • Prolific inventor holding more than 100 patents for processes and equipment
  • Over 25 years of service on the FIERF Board of Trustees, two times serving as President
  • Recipient of the prestigious Billy Wallis Award from the Electric Metal Makers Guild
  • Benefactor of the FIERF Finkl Challenge -- Chuck's challenge led to over $350,000 raised to fund education and research programs in the forging industry
  • Honored by the Iron and Steel Society as one of the principal founders in the science and practice of vacuum degassing and ladle metallurgy
  • Awarded an honorary doctorate by the Illinois Institute of Technology for a lifetime of contributions to industry and education
  • Major supporter of several Chicago Public and Private Schools, one of which is named the Finkl Academy
  • Served on the Board of Directors of the American Iron and Steel Institute and the Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Member Chicago Business Hall of Fame
  • Dedicated Environmentalist receiving awards from the City of Chicago and the National Arbor Day Foundation